Book Review: The Fairest Of Them All By Carolyn Turgeon

imageDeep in an enchated forest, the beautiful Rapunzel spends her days helping woeful maidens with herbs and potions to ease their troubles. Surrounded by nature, she is content and eager to learn magical spells from her wise guardian, Mathenia. Until the day she meets a handsome prince who changes the course of her entire life. Instantly, they are drawn to one another and this conection fills Rapunzel with the hope of a new life but alas, not every fairy tale ends happily ever after. To ensure the safety of his kingdom, the prince must marry the fair and beloved by all, Princess Teresa. The Fairest of Them All is a clever, seemless blend of the popular tales Rapunzel and Snow White featuring some dark new twists.


The cover is gorgeous! I know this has nothing to do with whether or not a novel is well written but, I’m sure it helps sales. When wandering around a bookstore, my eye tends to gravitate towards beautiful or interesting covers and honestly for a book to stand a chance against popular authors, the customer has to physically pick up the book or click the icon online to find out about the plot. To be fair, I love Carolyn Turgeon’s books (I wrote a review of Mermaid on this blog as well, check it out if you are interested) and will continue to purchase them regardless of the book’s appearance but, to a first time reader of her work, this cover helps it stand out in the crowd.

One of the twists was extremely troubling and I enjoy a book that disturbs me a bit. (I mean I did just read all of Gillian Flynn’s books over the summer and saw Gone Girl in theaters, so that should say something about my love of dark subject matters) Side note: Sharp Objects was my favorite one of her books.

Rapunzel was very relatable. I like that she had more dimension than the princesses of olden times. I loved her passion for nature and all living things.


Two of the twists I guessed pretty quickly and if those had been the only ones, this book would have been extremely disappointing.

All in all, I rate The Fairest of Them All a 4: True Love’s Kiss from the very first few lines I was sucked into the story and desperately needed to know what was going to happen next. It was so captivating, I believe I finished this book in two days. This was an enjoyable read and like Turgeon’s other books (with the exception of Rain Village) I’m sure I will be re-reading this one in the future. If you love fairy tales and haunting plotlines, this novel is for you!

What are you reading this chilly winter season?


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