A Birthday Filled With Magic


Sunday was my birthday and since my immediate family knows that I am a fairy tale fanatic, they bought me some pretty amazing princess themed presents. The first one I opened was an adorable round tin with a picture of Belle and the Beast dancing on the lid. This tin is the perfect size for storing small items and I know this will get plenty of use by itself. Inside the tin was some gold, rose-shaped stud earrings and a charm necklace featuring the outline of Belle in her famous gold ball gown. Although I don’t wear earrings much these days (and to think when I was little I begged to get my ears pierced, had to wait until my 10th birthday, and wore earrings constantly), I think I might repurpose them into embellishments for other jewelry; any excuse for a DIY! The charm necklace on the other hand I know I will wear often. IMG_2711.JPG

The second princess inspired gift I opened is my favorite. It is a long chain with the red rose from Beauty and the Beast enclosed in a glass case. I’m impressed that the rose has so much detail, even featuring a few fallen petals. I love when miniature items appear so realistic. This necklace is almost too pretty to wear, but I plan to pair it with outfits often. IMG_2713.JPG

And lastly the most fun princess themed present was a board game called Frozen Surprising Slides. I throughly enjoy board games and have been on a real game playing kick lately so this gift was perfect. This game is so cute and actually pretty fun. It reminds me of if Candyland and Shoots and Ladders had a baby. In a fun twist you can move sections of the game board around and create different paths for the slides. The characters you get to play are Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf which I also enjoyed very much. The directions are super easy to follow and I think kids would love playing this game. Frozen Surprising Slides is a Target exclusive (according to a sticker on the box) so if you are interested that is where you can purchase it.

My Belle jewelry came from Hot Topic which carries a wide array of Disney themed merchandise at the moment. Online I saw a Little Mermaid wallet, a coffin shaped necklace from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Elsa cell phone cases, just to name a few things. Target also has several different Disney princess themed items, including clothing, artwork, sheet sets, and pillows. So if you are in the market for fairy tale items for yourself, your kids, or anyone on your Christmas list, those stores are a great place to start.


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