If Fairy Tale Characters Went To High School

In honor of school going back into session, I thought I would create a fun little list of senior superlatives, but put a fairy tale spin on it. I must give credit to my latest website addiction, Buzzfeed, because they constantly write lists that amuse me and in this case gave me a bit of inspiration.

Best Hair: Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder This adorable couple should open a salon and give the rest of us some tips on how to make our tresses grow so long and stay so shiny.

Biggest Flirt: Jasmine Not only is she a knock out beauty, but Jasmine has mastered getting men to love her. In the movie Aladdin, she entices several guys (my favorite performance being when she told Jafar “Your beard is soooo twisted”) and bends them to her powerful will. Ladies, watch and learn.

Most Likely To Succeed: Mulan When this determined princess puts her mind to something she is going to see it through to the very end. She choose to be a warrior and kicked butt, so in my opinion no other character comes close to winning this title.

Best Smile: Prince Eric Let’s face it this man has pearly whites so dazzling Ariel gave up everything to be with him. Can I get an appointment with his dentist?

Best Dressed: Elsa Her sparkly pale blue gown with the cape is amazing! I’m also a big fan of her thick, dramatic braid. Once Elsa gets her magical powers under control, maybe she should look into fashion design as an additional career.

Most Friendly: Olaf The warm loving nature of this little snowman is infectious. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with him?

Most Intellectual: Belle No one can tear through a book like Belle.

Most Dependable: Donkey Shrek smells, has a bad attitude, and prided himself of being forever alone, but that didn’t deter Donkey. This sassy four legged creature was determined to break down Shrek’s wall and teach him the meaning of true friendship.

Wittiest: Genie This lamp dwelling wish giver is hilarious! There is nothing he can’t spin into a joke. If you are planning a party, Genie is the guy you need to invite.

Most Unpredictable: Merida This princess rides horses, does archery, and climbs giant dangerous cliffs for fun. You never know what she will do, but I promise it will be a great adventure. The girl even turned her own mother into a bear, I mean who saw that coming?

Most Artistic: Rapunzel Most people would go completely bonkers being hidden away in a tower most of their life, but not Rapunzel. She used all of that free time to perfect her craft and paint the most beautiful murals. I’m hoping she still uses her artistic gifts to brighten up her kingdom.

Best All Around: Anna She is fun, bubbly, and loyal to a fault.

Most Athletic: Hercules The man is related to the Gods, need I say more?

Most Dramatic: Zazu I’ll admit I’m sure it is very stressful trying to keep young Simba in line and continue to impress the mighty Mufasa, but man Zazu has more nervous breakdowns than any animated character I have ever seen.

So there is my list. Let me know if you agree or have even better suggestions for these categories. Until next time, farewell and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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