Which Disney Princess Are You?


Normally I ignore silly quizzes I see floating around on Facebook, but Zimbo’s Which Disney Princess Are You? caught my eye right away. First because I’m a giant fairy tale lover if you can’t already tell by the fact I have an entire blog devoted to the subject. Second because the results have been right on so far describing numerous friends of mine that have taken the quiz. And third I’ve already known since the second grade which princess I am, so if this quiz didn’t get it right I would know it was flawed.

I got Ariel from The Little Mermaid which is correct in every way. My father was super strict in high school like King Triton, I sing constantly, I always wonder what else is out there in the world, and Eric is my favorite prince (with Flynn Rider from Tangled being a close second). And let’s be real honest here, who didn’t want to be a mermaid after seeing that movie?

Here is the link to the quiz check it out and let me know which princess you are and if you agree with the results. It only takes a few moments and is totally worth it in my opinion. I hope are as pleased with your princess as I am.



Movie Review: Frozen


A sister with a secret, a goofy snowman, and a whole lot of ice…why yes I am talking about Frozen, the latest full length animation from Disney. In order to save her kingdom from permanent winter, Anna must travel into the mountains under brutal weather conditions to confront her estranged older sister Queen Elsa.

I’ve been wanting to see this movie for months, but a tiny voice in my head was worried it could never be as fabulous as Tangled, however I am happy to be proven wrong.

Lovable characters – Anna is fun, energetic, and full of life, Olaf the snowman has a sunny disposition and a huge heart, and even Sven, the reindeer is highly expressive.

Beautiful animation -Though I didn’t see Frozen in 3D, I bet it would be amazing. I loathe winter, but this movie certainly put me in the mood for ice skating and snowman building. It reminded me of childhood when you could be outside sledding all day and have so much fun you didn’t even feel the cold.

The theme of sisterhood – having a feisty little sister myself, I can certainly relate to Elsa’s desire to protect Anna and in turn sympathize with Anna’a desire to be close again like they were as children.

The music – I already know if someone buys me this movie on DVD I’ll be memorizing the songs in no time.

Frozen was a sheer delight to watch, but it did leave me with some pressing questions. Why are Anna and Elsa’s parents so neglectful? Anna spends a great deal of her childhood completely alone. It kinda made me wonder if I needed to call child protective services? And where did her parents go and why did they leave town? This wasn’t explained at all and I hate when details like this are left out. Another issue that bothered me is the girls’ education. Why aren’t Anna and Elsa in school or have a tutor? And what about a caretaker? Shouldn’t someone be in charge of the girls when their parents are fulfilling royal duties or fretting over Elsa’s secret?

Rating 4: True Love’s Kiss This movie is lovely and had me smiling long after I watched it.  In fact, walking out of the theater I half joked (but was slightly serious) that I wanted to go buy tickets and watch it again. Minus the questions I had at the end of movie Frozen was extremely enjoyable.