Saying “I Do” The Disney Princess Way

Disney inspired engagement rings are all the rage on Pinterest at the moment and immediately they caught my attention. For jewelry junkies and fairy tale fans like myself, these engagement rings are a dream come true. The designs are so inventive and truly capture the colors and essence of the princess who inspired each ring. Of course, some of these designs are more stunning than others but as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As a jewelry addict, I am constantly surfing the web for the newest trends and unique pieces, so the moment I saw this collection I felt compelled to share. What surprised me the most was that my favorite pieces were not necessarily inspired by my favorite Disney princesses. For example, I love Belle and Ariel, but their designs were not jewels I would want to wear.
Here are my ratings on these magical rings:
This ring is a lovely combination of blue topaz surrounded by aquamarine and white sapphires. This piece is classic and effortlessly beautiful just like Cinderella. The blue matches her ball gown exactly and I can easily picture this ring on her delicate finger. Rating: 5 Happily Ever After

While the color scheme of gold, red rubies, and blue and yellow sapphires is spot on, I don’t understand why this ring’s design is so square? The enchanted rose is such an important part of this fairy tale why wouldn’t the ring be shaped like a rose? Belle’s wardrobe is simple yet elegant so I highly doubt she would want to wear this loud, bulky ring anywhere.
Rating: 2 Ugly Stepsister



Blue Topaz, sapphires, and diamonds make up this fairy tale inspired ring. I love the uniqueness this piece. I have never seen the dual row of diamonds outlining a ring on the sides before, but it compliments the solitaire blue topaz stone perfectly. I love how the design mirrors the curves of Jasmine’s Arabian outfits. Rating: 5 Happily Ever After


I am the most disappointed in this ring. I love The Little Mermaid and usually love anything inspired by the film, but this design falls flat. I understand the color choices: red garnet to symbolize her envy creating hair, the purple amethysts for her seashell bra, and the green emeralds for her scales, but the colors look too strange together in such a small space. I do appreciate the V shape on either side of the piece that resembles a mermaid’s tail, but I must admit I just can’t get past the odd color combination. Rating: 2 Ugly Stepsisterimage

I have never seen a ring that looks like this one before and I love that. What woman wouldn’t want to feel that her engagement ring is truly unique and special? This emerald bedazzled flower is simple yet stunning. I can see Titana treasuring this ring for the rest of her life, always taking great care to remove it when she cooks in her restaurant to keep it safe. Rating: 4 True Love’s Kissimage

Snow White
I make no secret of disliking Snow White. She has a terrible squeaky voice and is so syrupy sweet it makes me ill. She has the personality of a seven year old child which makes it difficult for me to root for her and her prince. She seems too young and naive to get married and run a kingdom. So imagine my surprise when I actually really liked her ring. The colors and design work very well together. A center red ruby surrounded by blue sapphires on a woven band makes me willing to overlook the fact this ring is related to Snow White. Rating: 4 True Love’s Kiss


This engagement ring, while perfect for a princess, appears a little too juvenile to me. The pink sapphire in the center and the diamond hearts on the sides makes it seem like this piece of jewelry would be better worn by a little girl than a woman who has accepted a marriage proposal. Nevertheless it is a cute design and I think it would be a lovely present on some other occasion for a gal well in touch with her inner princess (like my immature self). Rating: 3 Breaks The Spell



The design of this ring accurately captures the inner strength and bravery of Princess Mulan with its intricate scroll work and dark gemstones. The center stone is emerald with green tourmaline on either side and a row of black diamonds complete the band. I usually love emeralds, but this color combination is too dreary for me. An engagement ring should be bright and beautiful but this design looks more prepared to attend a funeral than a wedding. Rating: 1 Locked in the Dungeonimage

This engagement ring looks like it jumped right out of the movie Tangled. It encompasses Rapunzel’s adventurous nature and symbolizes her epic hair with its twisted golden band embedded with crisscrossed white diamonds that reminds me of the flowers she sometimes wears. The purple amethyst in the center matches her dress and the emblem of her kingdom. I loved this film and love the ring almost as much. Rating: 4 True Love’s Kiss image

The design of this ring is very accurate. I can absolutely see Pocahontas wearing this because it has such a natural ‘I’m at harmony with the earth’ vibe and the dark metal and gemstone would compliment her skin tone. Normally I’m a big fan of rose gold and have several pieces of jewelry in this finish, but what makes rose gold so pretty is the contrast of its darkness against lighter stones. The garnet center stone is so dark it just makes everything on the ring’s design look muddy. Rating: 2 Ugly Stepsister


Overall I am very impressed with this collection. I admire the creative minds that were able to take a fairy tale princess and design an engagement ring that will remind women for years to come of all of the magic and wonder of a particular story. For more information check out where they also feature ways to customize each ring.