Neverland Hath No Fury Like Tinker Bell Scorned


I was shopping at Target the other day when I stumbled upon an endcap full of new cartoons featuring Tinker Bell. I’ve noticed Disney is making a regular habit of creating spin offs and sequels so I shouldn’t be surprised to discover Tinker Bell focused movies, but I am. I don’t have a daughter (or any children for that matter) but if I did, Tinker Bell would be the last character I would want her to watch. Has everyone completely forgotten what a terrible fairy Tinker Bell is? She is hot headed, mean spirited, and highly possessive of Peter Pan. In fact, her jealousy of Peter and Wendy’s relationship was so intense that Tinker Bell tried to have Wendy killed! She lied to the lost boys telling them Wendy was a bird and encouraging them to shoot her with arrows. Tinker Bell also told Captain Hook the location of Peter Pan’s hideout in another attempt to get even with Wendy. This caused Hook to plant a bomb in Peter’s living quarters which could have killed everyone she cared about. When will Tinker Bell learn that revenge never pays? Her malicious actions do not set a good example for small children. Out of all Disney’s female characters, Tinker Bell is the most evil, in my opinion. Fairies should be kind, caring, and helpful, not full of hatred and schemes. For example, the three fairies in the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather devote their lives to protect Princess Aurora from Maleficent’s vile clutches. And who can forget Cinderella’s fairy godmother who helped her prepare for the ball? This is how fairies should behave. Tinker Bell acts more like a candidate for a reality show, always ready to scratch another woman’s eyes out for the love of a man. The saddest part of the whole story is that Peter Pan cares about Tinker Bell, but her behavior pushes him away. If she had been respectful to Wendy, she not only would have made Peter happy, but she may have gained a new friend as well. I hope in these new cartoons (which I do not plan to watch) she aims to be a more pleasant and loving fairy.

For more Peter Pan greatness I recommend the Disney movie Peter Pan, the film Hook, and the play Peter Pan. I must say I enjoy the play the most because it is slightly darker than the movies and has more songs.


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