Movie Review: Jack The Giant Slayer

ImageJack is a poor farmer barely making ends meet. So like anyone desperate to secure a roof over his head and his next meal, he heads into town to sell his horse and cart. In town he meets a mysterious monk who offers Jack magic beans as payment. Remembering a fairy tale his father used to tell him as a child, he accepts the magic beans and puts in motion an adventure that will change his entire life. In Jack the Giant Slayer, there is about to be a war between humans and a race of giants, and Jack will be called upon to help save the kingdom.


The graphics are amazing.

Giants are exactly as you would expect. Ugly, horrible, and have a keen sense of smell. I was pleasantly surprised they have so much personality. My favorite one was the two-headed giant.

Jack the Giant Slayer makes the fairy tale pop from the pages without being cheesy or too childish.

Stanley Tucci is wonderful as Roderick. I enjoyed him showing a more evil side and think he should go for these kinds of parts more often. Nicholas Hoult as Jack made the main character a guy the audience was excited to root for. You want him to fight the giants and you hope Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) will return Jack’s feelings for her.


Jack the Giant Slayer is missing an element of humor that I find delightful in other fairy tale movies. Most of the characters are pretty one sided and serious. Ian McShane (King Brahmwell) and Ewan McGregor (Elmont) are talented, versatile actors that I have loved in other productions and I know they are capable of showing more character depth so I must fault the script writing in this instance. Because this is a fairy tale, the movie could have easily made King Brahmwell quirky or made Elmont more of a humorous side kick; but no, this film is all business.

Rating 4: True Love’s Kiss I will gladly recommend this film to any fairy tale lover.


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